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    • Physical principles for scalable neural recording 

      Marblestone, Adam H.; Zamft, Bradley M.; Maguire, Yael G.; Shapiro, Mikhail G.; Cybulski, Thaddeus R.; Glaser, Joshua I.; Amodei, Dario; Stranges, P. Benjamin; Kalhor, Reza; Dalrymple, David A.; Seo, Dongjin; Alon, Elad; Maharbiz, Michel M.; Carmena, Jose M.; Rabaey, Jan M.; Boyden, Edward S.; Church, George M.; Kording, Konrad P. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2013)
      Simultaneously measuring the activities of all neurons in a mammalian brain at millisecond resolution is a challenge beyond the limits of existing techniques in neuroscience. Entirely new approaches may be required, ...