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    • Sex steroid blockade enhances thymopoiesis by modulating Notch signaling 

      Velardi, Enrico; Tsai, Jennifer J.; Holland, Amanda M.; Wertheimer, Tobias; Yu, Vionnie W.C.; Zakrzewski, Johannes L.; Tuckett, Andrea Z.; Singer, Natalie V.; West, Mallory L.; Smith, Odette M.; Young, Lauren F.; Kreines, Fabiana M.; Levy, Emily R.; Boyd, Richard L.; Scadden, David T.; Dudakov, Jarrod A.; van den Brink, Marcel R.M. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2014)
      Paradoxical to its importance for generating a diverse T cell repertoire, thymic function progressively declines throughout life. This process has been at least partially attributed to the effects of sex steroids, and their ...