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    • Enhanced Single-Photon Emission from a Diamond-Silver Aperture 

      Choy, Jennifer Tze-Heng; Hausmann, Birgit Judith Maria; Babinec, Thomas Michael; Bulu, Irfan; Khan, Mughees; Maletinsky, Patrick; Yacoby, Amir; Lončar, Marko (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
      Solid-state quantum emitters, such as the nitrogen-vacancy centre in diamond, are robust systems for practical realizations of various quantum information processing protocols and nanoscale magnetometry schemes at room ...
    • Readout and Control of a Single Nuclear Spin with a Metastable Electron Spin Ancilla 

      Lee, Sang-Yun; Widmann, Matthias; Rendler, Torsten; Doherty, Marcus W.; Babinec, Thomas; Yang, Sen; Eyer, Moritz; Siyushev, Petr; Hausmann, Birgit Judith Maria; Loncar, Marko; Bodrog, Zoltán; Gali, Adam; Manson, Neil B.; Fedder, Helmut; Wrachtrup, Jörg (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Electron and nuclear spins associated with point defects in insulators are promising systems for solid-state quantum technology1, 2, 3. The electron spin is usually used for readout and addressing, and nuclear spins are ...
    • Single-Color Centers Implanted in Diamond Nanostructures 

      Hausmann, Birgit Judith Maria; Babinec, Thomas Michael; Choy, Jennifer Tze-Heng; Hodges, Jonathan S.; Hong, Sungkun; Bulu, Irfan; Yacoby, Amir; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Loncar, Marko (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2011)
      The development of material-processing techniques that can be used to generate optical diamond nanostructures containing a single-color center is an important problem in quantum science and technology. In this work, we ...