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    • Voltage-Driven DNA Translocations through a Nanopore 

      Meller, Amit; Nivon, Lucas; Branton, Daniel (American Physical Society, 2001)
      We measure current blockade and time distributions for single-stranded DNA polymers during voltage-driven translocations through a single α-hemolysin pore. We use these data to determine the velocity of the polymers in the ...
    • Voltaire, Historian 

      Darnton, Robert (Rutgers, 2015)
    • Volume MLS Ray Casting 

      Ledergerber, Christian; Guennebaud, Gael; Meyer, Miriah D; Bacher, Moritz; Pfister, Hanspeter (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2008)
      The method of Moving Least Squares (MLS) is a popular framework for reconstructing continuous functions from scattered data due to its rich mathematical properties and well-understood theoretical foundations. This paper ...
    • The VolumePro Real-Time Ray-Casting System 

      Pfister, Hanspeter; Hardenbergh, Jan; Knittel, Jim; Lauer, Hugh; Seiler, Larry (Association for Computing Machinery, 1999)
      This paper describes VolumePro, the world’s first single-chip realtime volume rendering system for consumer PCs. VolumePro implements ray-casting with parallel slice-by-slice processing. Our discussion of the architecture ...
    • The von Kries hypothesis and a basis for color constancy 

      Chong, Hamilton; Gortler, Steven; Zickler, Todd (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2007)
      Color constancy is almost exclusively modeled with diagonal transforms. However, the choice of basis under which diagonal transforms are taken is traditionally ad hoc. Attempts to remedy the situation have been hindered ...
    • Von 茉莉花 zu Moo-Lee-Chwa. Geschichte eines musikalischen Transfers ca. 1796 

      Rehding, Alexander (VWB Verlag, 2017)
      Das dünne Notenheft, das mit dem englischen „Two Original Chinese Songs, Moo-Lee-Chwa – High Highaw, for the PianoForte or Harpsichord“ betitelt ist und ca. 1796 in London erschienen ist, erscheint zunächst nicht weiter ...
    • Vortex Lattices and Crystalline Geometries 

      Bao, Ning; Harrison, Sarah; Kachru, Shamit; Sachdev, Subir (American Physical Society (APS), 2013)
      We consider AdS2×R2 solutions supported by a magnetic field, such as those which arise in the near-horizon limit of magnetically charged AdS4 Reissner-Nordstrom black branes. In the presence of an electrically charged ...
    • Vortex Molecules in Spinor Condensates 

      Turner, Ari M.; Demler, Eugene A. (American Physical Society, 2009)
      Condensates of atoms with spins can have vortices of several types; these are related to the symmetry group of the atoms’ ground state. We discuss how, when a condensate is placed in a small magnetic field that breaks the ...
    • Vortex-Peierls States in Optical Lattices 

      Burkov, A. A.; Demler, Eugene A. (American Physical Society (APS), 2006)
      We show that vortices, induced in cold atom superfluids in optical lattices, may order in a novel vortexPeierls ground state. In such a state vortices do not form a simple lattice but arrange themselves in clusters, within ...
    • A Voting Architecture for the Governance of Free-Driver Externalities, with Application to Geoengineering 

      Weitzman, Martin L. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015-07-15)
      Abating climate change is an enormous international public goods problem with a classical "free rider" structure. But it is also a global "free driver" problem because geoengineering the stratosphere with reflective particles ...
    • Voting on Prices vs. Voting on Quantities in a World Climate Assembly 

      Weitzman, Martin L. (2015)
      This paper posits the conceptually useful allegory of a futuristic "World Climate Assembly" that votes on global carbon emissions via the basic principle of majority rule. Two variants are considered. One is to vote on a ...
    • Voting on the Budget Deficit 

      Tabellini, Guido; Alesina, Alberto (American Economic Association, 1990)
      This paper analyzes a model in which a group of rational individuals votes over the composition and time profile of public spending. All voters agree that a balanced budget is ex ante optimal. However, if there is disagreement ...
    • Voucher Privatization 

      Boycko, Maxim; Shleifer, Andrei; Vishny, Robert W (Elsevier, 1994)
    • Vowel Harmony Redux: Correct Sounds, English Loan Words, and the Sociocultural Life of a Phonological Structure in Korean 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (Wiley Blackwell (Blackwell Publishing), 2012)
      This paper examines an ideology of standard pronunciation and spelling of English loan words in South Korea through the lens of Korean vowel harmony. I focus specifically on the alternation between an older Japanese-style ...
    • Voxelated Soft Matter via Multimaterial Multinozzle 3D Printing 

      Mueller, Jochen; Skylar-Scott, Mark; Visser, Claas; Lewis, Jennifer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-11)
      There is growing interest in voxelated matter that is rationally designed and fabricated voxel-by-voxel1–4. Currently, inkjet-based 3D printing is the only widely adopted method capable of creating 3D voxelated materials ...
    • VP Ellipsis and Topicalization 

      Szczegielniak, Adam (BookSurge Publishing, 2004)
      This paper supports the model where VP ellipsis is licensed via de-stressing which in turn is licensed via Focus closure (Rooth 1992). However, it is also argued that we have to assume that ellipsis is preceded by the ...
    • Vulnerability as a Function of Individual and Group Resources in Cumulative Risk Assessment 

      deFur, Peter L.; Evans, Gary W.; Hubal, Elaine A. Cohen; Kyle, Amy D.; Morello-Frosch, Rachel A.; Williams, David (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2007)
      Background: The field of risk assessment has focused on protecting the health of individual people or populations of wildlife from single risks, mostly from chemical exposure. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ...
    • W-Jet Tagging: Optimizing the Identification of Boosted Hadronically-Decaying W Bosons 

      Cui, Yanou; Han, Zhenyu; Schwartz, Matthew D (American Physical Society, 2011)
      A method is proposed for distinguishing highly boosted hadronically-decaying \(W's\) \((W jets)\) from QCD-jets using jet substructure. Previous methods, such as the filtering/mass-drop method, can give a factor of \(\sim ...
    • W. W. Oswald et al. reply 

      Oswald, William; Foster, David R.; Shuman, Bryan N.; Chilton, Elizabeth S.; Doucette, Dianna L.; Duranleau, Deena L. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-07-20)
    • The Waddesdon Psalter and the Shop of Jean Pucelle 

      Hamburger, Jeffrey F. (Deutscher Kunstverlag GmbH, 1981)