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    • Evaluation of voltage stacking for near-threshold multicore computing 

      Lee, Sae Kyu; Brooks, David M.; Wei, Gu-Yeon (ACM, 2012)
      This paper evaluates voltage stacking in the context of near-threshold multicore computing. Key attributes of voltage stacking are investigated using results from a test-chip prototype built in 150nm FDSOI CMOS. By "stacking" ...
    • Evaporative cooling at low trap depth 

      deCarvalho, Robert; Doyle, John M. (American Physical Society (APS), 2004)
      A quantitative, analytic model of evaporative cooling covering both the small- (<4) and large- (>4) η regimes is presented. h is the dimensionless parameter defined as the trap depth divided by the temperature of the trapped ...
    • Evaporative cooling of atomic chromium 

      Weinstein, Jonathan D.; deCarvalho, Robert; Hancox, Cindy Irene; Doyle, John M. (American Physical Society (APS), 2002)
      We report the magnetic trapping and evaporative cooling of bosonic and fermionic isotopes of atomic chromium. Using a cryogenic helium buffer gas, 10^12 chromium atoms are trapped at an initial temperature of ~1 K. The ...
    • Evaporative cooling of magnetically trapped atomic molybdenum 

      Hancox, Cindy Irene; Hummon, Matthew T.; Nguyen, Scott V.; Doyle, John M. (American Physical Society (APS), 2005)
      We have magnetically trapped and evaporatively cooled atomic molybdenum. Using a cryogenic helium buffer gas, 2×10^10 molybdenum atoms are loaded into a magnetic trap at an initial temperature of 500 mK. We measure a ...
    • Evaporative cooling of metastable helium in the multi-partial-wave regime 

      Nguyen, Scott V.; Doret, S. Charles; Connolly, Colin Bryant; Michniak, Robert A.; Ketterle, Wolfgang; Doyle, John M. (American Physical Society (APS), 2005)
      Metastable helium is buffer gas cooled, magnetically trapped, and evaporatively cooled in large numbers. 1011 4 He* atoms are trapped at an initial temperature of 400 mK and evaporatively cooled into the ultracold regime, ...
    • Event Count Models for International Relations: Generalizations and Applications 

      King, Gary (Wiley-Blackwell, 1989)
      International relations theorists tend to think in terms of continuous processes. Yet we observe only discrete events, such as wars or alliances, and summarize them in terms of the frequency of occurrence. As such, most ...
    • The Event Horizon of M87 

      Broderick, Avery E.; Narayan, Ramesh; Kormendy, John; Perlman, Eric S.; Rieke, Marcia J.; Doeleman, Sheperd S. (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      The 6 × 109M⊙ supermassive black hole at the center of the giant elliptical galaxy M87 powers a relativistic jet. Observations at millimeter wavelengths with the Event Horizon Telescope have localized the emission from the ...
    • The event horizon of Sagittarius A* 

      Broderick, Avery E.; Loeb, Abraham; Narayan, Ramesh (IOP Publishing, 2009)
      Black hole event horizons, causally separating the external universe from compact regions of spacetime, are one of the most exotic predictions of general relativity. Until recently, their compact size has prevented efforts ...
    • Event Horizon Telescope Evidence for Alignment of the Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way With the Inner Stellar Disk 

      Psaltis, Dimitrios; Narayan, Ramesh; Fish, Vincent L.; Broderick, Avery E.; Loeb, Abraham; Doeleman, Sheperd S. (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      Observations of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way with the Event Horizon Telescope at 1.3 mm have revealed a size of the emitting region that is smaller than the size of the black-hole shadow. This can be ...
    • Event-Horizon-Scale Structure in the Supermassive Black Hole Candidate at the Galactic Centre 

      Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Weintroub, Jonathan; Rogers, Alan E. E.; Plambeck, Richard; Freund, Robert; Tilanus, Remo P. J.; Friberg, Per; Ziurys, Lucy M.; Moran, James M.; Corey, Brian; Young, Ken Harbour; Smythe, Daniel L.; Titus, Michael; Marrone, Daniel P.; Cappallo, Roger J.; Bock, Douglas C.-J.; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Chamberlin, Richard; Davis, Gary R.; Krichbaum, Thomas P.; Lamb, James; Maness, Holly; Niell, Arthur E.; Roy, Alan; Strittmatter, Peter; Werthimer, Daniel; Whitney, Alan R.; Woody, David (Nature Publishing Group, 2008)
      The cores of most galaxies are thought to harbour supermassive black holes, which power galactic nuclei by converting the gravitational energy of accreting matter into radiation. Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the compact source ...
    • Events and the Ontology of Individuals: Verbs as a Source of Individuating Mass and Count Nouns 

      Barner, David; Wagner, Laura; Snedeker, Jesse (Elsevier, 2008)
      What does mass-count syntax contribute to the interpretation of noun phrases (NPs), and how much of NP meaning is contributed by lexical items alone? Many have argued that count syntax specifies reference to countable ...
    • Events in Space 

      Deal, Amy Rose (2009)
      Many languages make use of verbal forms to express spatial relations and distinctions. Spatial notions are lexicalized into verb roots, as in come and go; they are expressed by derivational-morphology such as Inese˜no ...
    • Every Great Revolution Is a Civil War 

      Armitage, David R. (Stanford University Press, 2015)
    • The everyday use of surname to determine ethnic ancestry 

      Waters, Mary C. (Springer Science + Business Media, 1989)
      This paper examines the influence of surname on how descendants of white European immigrants to the United States, who are of mixed ethnic ancestry, determine their ethnic identification. It is based on 60 in-depth interviews ...
    • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about NFS Trace Analysis, but Were Afraid to Ask 

      Ellard, Dan; Ledlie, Jonathan; Malkani, Pia; Seltzer, Margo I. (2002)
      The past two decades in file system design have been driven by the sequence of trace-based file system studies that have informed the research community of the general access patterns applied to secondary storage systems. ...
    • Evidence against a Germ Plasm in the Milkweed Bug Oncopeltus fasciatus, a Hemimetabolous Insect 

      Ewen-Campen, Benjamin Scott; Jones, Tasmin E. M.; Extavour, Cassandra G. (Company of Biologists, 2013-03-07)
      Primordial germ cell (PGC) formation in holometabolous insects like Drosophila melanogaster relies on maternally synthesised germ cell determinants that are asymmetrically localised to the oocyte posterior cortex. Embryonic ...
    • Evidence against the context-freeness of natural language 

      Shieber, Stuart (Springer, 1985)
    • Evidence and Argumentation: A Reply to Everett 

      Nevins, Andrew Ira; Pesetsky, David; Rodrigues, Cilene (Linguistic Society of America, 2009)
    • Evidence for a clade composed of molluscs with serially repeated structures: Monoplacophorans are related to chitons 

      Giribet, Gonzalo; Okusu, A.; Lindgren, A. R.; Huff, S. W.; Schrodl, M.; Nishiguchi, M. K. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2006)
      Monoplacophorans are among the rarest members of the phylum Mollusca. Previously only known from fossils since the Cambrian, the first living monoplacophoran was discovered during the famous second Galathea deep-sea ...
    • Evidence for a direct collapse black hole in the Lyman α source CR7 

      Smith, Aaron; Bromm, Volker; Loeb, Abraham (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2016)
      Throughout the epoch of reionization the most luminous Ly{\alpha} emitters are capable of ionizing their own local bubbles. The CR7 galaxy at z≈6.6 stands out for its combination of exceptionally bright Ly{\alpha} and HeII ...