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    • Chandra and Spitzer Unveil Heavily Obscured Quasars in the Chandra /SWIRE Survey 

      Polletta, Maria del Carmen; Wilkes, Belinda Jane; Siana, Brian; Lonsdale, Carol J.; Kilgard, Roy; Smith, Harding E.; Kim, Dong‐Woo; Owen, Frazer; Efstathiou, Andreas; Jarrett, Tom; Stacey, Gordon; Franceschini, Alberto; Rowan‐Robinson, Michael; Babbedge, Tom S. R.; Berta, Stefano; Fang, Fan; Farrah, Duncan; Gonzalez‐Solares, Eduardo; Morrison, Glenn; Surace, Jason A.; Shupe, Dave L. (IOP Publishing, 2006)
      Using the large multiwavelength data set in the Chandra/SWIRE Survey (0.6 deg2 in the Lockman Hole), we show evidence for the existence of highly obscured (Compton-thick) AGNs, estimate a lower limit to their surface ...