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    • Quenching of H2 Vibrations in Ultracold 3He and 4He Collisions 

      Balakrishnan, N.; Forrey, R. C.; Dalgarno, Alexander (American Physical Society (APS), 1998)
      We present results of quantum mechanical scattering calculations including full rovibrational coupling on the relaxation of vibrationally excited H2 molecules in collision with ultracold 3He and 4He atoms. The exothermic ...
    • Rotational and Vibrational Excitation of CO Molecules by Collisions with 4 He Atoms 

      Cecchi‐Pestellini, Cesare; Bodo, Enrico; Balakrishnan, N.; Dalgarno, Alexander (IOP Publishing, 2002)
      Full close-coupled calculations are carried out of the cross sections for energy transfer between rotational levels of carbon monoxide in collision with 4He atoms with energies between 5 and 600 cm-1. At low energies, the ...