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    • The Intermediate Luminosity Optical Transient Sn 2010da: The Progenitor, Eruption, and Aftermath of a Peculiar Supergiant High-Mass X-Ray Binary 

      Villar, Victoria Ashley; Berger, Edo; Chornock, R.; Margutti, R.; Laskar, T.; Brown, P. J.; Blanchard, Peter Kelly; Czekala, Ian Philip; Lunnan, R.; Reynolds, M. T. (American Astronomical Society, 2016)
      We present optical spectroscopy, ultraviolet-to-infrared imaging, and X-ray observations of the intermediate luminosity optical transient (ILOT) SN 2010da in NGC 300 (d = 1.86 Mpc) spanning from −6 to +6 years relative to ...
    • A Panchromatic View of the Restless Sn 2009ip Reveals the Explosive Ejection of a Massive Star Envelope 

      Margutti, R.; Milisavljevic, Danny; Soderberg, Alicia M.; Chornock, R; Zauderer, B; Murase, K.; Guidorzi, C.; Sanders, Nathan Edward; Kuin, P.; Fransson, C.; Levesque, E. M.; Chandra, P.; Berger, Edo; Bianco, F. B.; Brown, P. J.; Challis, P.; Chatzopoulos, E.; Cheung, C. C.; Choi, C.; Chomiuk, L.; Chugai, N.; Contreras, C.; Drout, M. R.; Fesen, R.; Foley, R. J.; Fong, W.; Friedman, A. S.; Gall, C.; Gehrels, N.; Hjorth, J.; Hsiao, E.; Kirshner, R.; Im, M.; Leloudas, G.; Lunnan, R.; Marion, G. H.; Martin, J.; Morrell, N.; Neugent, K. F.; Omodei, N.; Phillips, M. M.; Rest, A.; Silverman, J. M.; Strader, J.; Stritzinger, M. D.; Szalai, T.; Utterback, N. B.; Vinko, J.; Wheeler, J. C.; Arnett, D.; Campana, S.; Chevalier, R.; Ginsburg, A.; Kamble, A.; Roming, P. W. A.; Pritchard, T.; Stringfellow, G. (IOP Publishing, 2013)
      The double explosion of SN 2009ip in 2012 raises questions about our understanding of the late stages of massive star evolution. Here we present a comprehensive study of SN 2009ip during its remarkable rebrightenings. ...