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    • Surface Processes Recorded by Rocks and Soils on Meridiani Planum, Mars: Microscopic Imager Observations During Opportunity's First Three Extended Missions 

      Knoll, Andrew; Torson, James M.; Sullivan, Rob; Sucharski, Tracie; Sucharski, Robert M.; Stolper, Daniel; Squyres, Steve W.; Springer, Richard; Spanovich, Nicole; Soderblom, Laurence A.; Sims, MIchael H.; Rosiek, Mark R.; Redding, Bonnie L.; Parker, Timothy J.; Mullins, Kevin F.; Maki, Justin N.; Leff, Craig; Lee, Ella Mae; Lanagan, Peter; Kirk, Randolph L.; Keszthelyi, Laszlo; Johnson, Jeffrey R.; Howington-Kraus, Elpitha; Hare, Trent M.; Geissler, Paul; Garcia, Patricia A.; Galuszka, Donna M.; Gaddis, Lisa R.; Franklin, Brenda; Ehlmann, Bethany; Cook, Debbie; Chapman, Mary G.; Budney, Charles; Bell, James F. III; Becker, Kris J.; Barrett, Janet M.; Arvidson, Raymond E.; Archinal, Brent A.; Anderson, Robert; Yingst, Aileen; Weitz, Catherine; McLennan, Scott M.; Grotzinger, John P.; Herkenhoff, Ken E. (American Geophysical Union, 2008)
      The Microscopic Imager (MI) on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has returned images of Mars with higher resolution than any previous camera system, allowing detailed petrographic and sedimentological studies of the ...