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    • Natural products reveal cancer cell dependence on oxysterol-binding proteins 

      Burgett, Anthony W G; Poulsen, Thomas B; Wangkanont, Kittikhun; Anderson, D Ryan; Kikuchi, Chikako; Shimada, Kousei; Okubo, Shuichi; Fortner, Kevin C; Mimaki, Yoshihiro; Kuroda, Minpei; Murphy, Jason P; Schwalb, David J; Petrella, Eugene C; Cornella-Taracido, Ivan; Schirle, Markus; Tallarico, John A; Shair, Matthew David (Springer Nature, 2011)
      Cephalostatin 1, OSW-1, ritterazine B and schweinfurthin A are natural products that potently, and in some cases selectively, inhibit the growth of cultured human cancer cell lines. The cellular targets of these small ...