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    • The redshift and afterglow of the extremely energetic gamma-ray burst GRB 080916C 

      Greiner, J.; Clemens, C.; Krühler, T.; von Kienlin, A.; Rau, A.; Sari, R.; Fox, D. B.; Kawai, N.; Afonso, P.; Ajello, M.; Berger, Edo; Cenko, S. B.; Cucchiara, A.; Filgas, R.; Klose, S.; Küpcü Yoldas, A.; Lichti, G. G.; Löw, S.; McBreen, S.; Nagayama, T.; Rossi, A.; Sato, S.; Szokoly, G.; Yoldas, A.; Zhang, X.-L. (EDP Sciences, 2009)
      Context. The detection of GeV photons from gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) has important consequences for the interpretation and modelling of these most-energetic cosmological explosions. The full exploitation of the high-energy ...