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    • A Preliminary Synthesis of Modeled Climate Change Impacts on U.S. Regional Ozone Concentrations 

      Weaver, C. P.; Cooter, E.; Gilliam, R.; Gilliland, A.; Grambsch, A.; Grano, D.; Hemming, B.; Hunt, S. W.; Nolte, C.; Winner, D. A.; Liang, X-Z.; Zhu, J.; Caughey, M.; Kunkel, K.; Lin, J-T.; Tao, Z.; Williams, A.; Wuebbles, D. J.; Adams, P. J.; Dawson, J. P.; Amar, P.; He, S.; Avise, J.; Chen, J.; Cohen, R. C.; Goldstein, A. H.; Harley, R. A.; Steiner, A. L.; Tonse, S.; Guenther, A.; Lamarque, J-F.; Wiedinmyer, C.; Gustafson, W. I.; Leung, L. R.; Hogrefe, C.; Huang, H-C.; Jacob, Daniel James; Mickley, Loretta J.; Wu, S.; Kinney, P. L.; Lamb, B.; Larkin, N. K.; McKenzie, D.; Liao, K-J.; Manomaiphiboon, K.; Russell, A. G.; Tagaris, E.; Lynn, B. H.; Mass, C.; Salathé, E.; O, S. M.; Pandis, S. N.; Racherla, P. N.; Rosenzweig, C.; Woo, J-H. (American Meteorological Society, 2009)
      This paper provides a synthesis of results that have emerged from recent modeling studies of the potential sensitivity of U.S. regional ozone (O3) concentrations to global climate change (ca. 2050). This research has been ...