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    • The Potential and Challenges of Nanopore Sequencing 

      Branton, Daniel; Pershin, Yuriy V; Deamer, David W; Ling, Xinsheng Sean; Wiggin, Matthew; Lindsay, Stuart; Krstic, Predrag S; Huang, Xiaohua; Jovanovich, Stevan B; Butler, Thomas; Soni, Gautam V; Schloss, Jeffery A; Riehn, Robert; Hibbs, Andrew; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent; Wanunu, Meni; Bayley, Hagan; Marziali, Andre; Ramsey, J Michael; Mastrangelo, Carlos H; Meller, Amit; Benner, Steven A; Oliver, John S; Garaj, Slaven; Di Ventra, Massimiliano (Macmillian Publishers Ltd., 2008)
      A nanopore-based device provides single-molecule detection and analytical capabilities that are achieved by electrophoretically driving molecules in solution through a nano-scale pore. The nanopore provides a highly confined ...