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    • Variation in Enamel Thickness Within the Genus Homo 

      Smith, Tanya; Olejniczak, Anthony J.; Zermeno, John P.; Tafforeau, Paul; Skinner, Matthew M.; Hoffmann, Almut; Radovčić, Jakov; Toussaint, Michel; Kruszynski, Robert; Menter, Colin; Moggi-Cecchi, Jacopo; Glasmacher, Ulrich A.; Kullmer, Ottmar; Schrenk, Friedemann; Stringer, Chris; Hublin, Jean-Jacques (Elsevier BV, 2012)
      Recent humans and their fossil relatives are classified as having thick molar enamel, one of very few dental traits that distinguish hominins from living African apes. However, little is known about enamel thickness in the ...