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    • An assessment of antenatal care among Syrian refugees in Lebanon 

      Benage, Matthew; Greenough, P Gregg; Vinck, Patrick; Omeira, Nada; Pham, Phuong (BioMed Central, 2015)
      Background: After more than three years of violence in Syria, Lebanon hosts over one million Syrian refugees creating significant public health concerns. Antenatal care delivery to tens of thousands of pregnant Syrian ...
    • Clinicians’ knowledge and practices regarding family planning and intrauterine devices in China, Kazakhstan, Laos and Mexico 

      Hoffman, Steven J.; Guindon, G. Emmanuel; Lavis, John N.; Randhawa, Harkanwal; Becerra-Posada, Francisco; Boupha, Boungnong; Shi, Guang; Turdaliyeva, Botagoz S.; Cameron, David; Qiu, Tinglin; Osei, Eric J. A.; Dovlo, Kudjoe; Yesudian, C. A. K.; Ramachandran, P.; Malek-Afzali, Hossein; Dejman, M.; Falahat, K.; Baradaran, M.; Habibi, E.; Kohanzad, H.; Nasehi, M.; Salek, S.; Akanov, A. A.; Turdaliyeva, B. S.; Hamzina, N. K.; Tulebaev, K. A.; Clazhneva, T. I.; Battakova, G.; Kounnavong, Sengchanh; Siengsounthone, Latsamy; Ramos, Leticia Alfaro; Mejia, Israel; Akhtar, Tasleem; Khan, M. Mubashir A.; Sidibe, Mintou Fall; Sidibe, Awa; Ndiaye, Djiby; Ndossi, Godwin D.; Massaga, Julius; Sadana, Ritu; Pang, Tikki (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: It is widely agreed that the practices of clinicians should be based on the best available research evidence, but too often this evidence is not reliably disseminated to people who can make use of it. This ...