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    • Steps toward determination of the size and structure of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei. IV - Intensity variations of the optical emission lines of NGC 5548 

      Dietrich, M.; Kollatschny, W.; Peterson, B. M.; Bechtold, J.; Bertram, R.; Bochkarev, N. G.; Boroson, T. A.; Carone, T. E.; Elvis, Martin S.; Filippenko, A. V.; Gaskell, C. M.; Huchra, J; Hutchings, J. B.; Koratkar, A. P.; Korista, K. T.; Lame, N. J.; Laor, A.; MacAlpine, G. M.; Malkan, M. A.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Netzer, H.; Penfold, J.; Penston, M. V.; Perez, E.; Pogge, R. W.; Richmond, M. W.; Rosenblatt, E. I.; Shapovalova, A. I.; Shields, J. C.; Smith, H. A.; Smith, P. S.; Sun, W.-H.; Thiele, U.; Veilleux, S.; Wagner, R. M.; Wilkes, Belinda Jane; Wills, B. J.; Wills, D. (IOP Publishing, 1993)
      Measurements of optical emission-line flux variations based on spectra of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 5548 obtained between December 1988 and October 1989 are reported. All of the measured optical emission lines, H-alpha, H-beta, ...