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    • The High-Density Ionized Gas in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy 

      Zhao, Jun-Hui; Blundell, Raymond; Moran, James M.; Downes, Dennis; Schuster, Karl F.; Marrone, Daniel P. (American Astronomical Society, 2010)
      We report a study of the \(H30\alpha\) line emission at 1.3 mm from the region around Sgr A* made with the Submillimeter Array at a resolution of 2'' over a field of 60'' (2 pc) and a velocity range of \(-360 to +345 km ...
    • The Milky Way Project: Leveraging Citizen Science and Machine Learning to Detect Interstellar Bubbles 

      Beaumont, Christopher N; Goodman, Alyssa; Kendrew, Sarah; Williams, Jonathan P.; Simpson, Robert (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      We present Brut, an algorithm to identify bubbles in infrared images of the Galactic midplane. Brut is based on the Random Forest algorithm, and uses bubbles identified by >35,000 citizen scientists from the Milky Way ...