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    • A Full-Sky Hα Template for Microwave Foreground Prediction 

      Finkbeiner, Douglas (IOP Publishing, 2003)
      A full-sky Hα map with 6' (FWHM) resolution is presented. This map is a composite of the Virginia Tech Spectral line Survey (VTSS) in the north and the Southern H-Alpha Sky Survey Atlas (SHASSA) in the south. The Wisconsin ...
    • Hypercompact H II Regions: Resolved Images of G34.26+0.15 A and B 

      Avalos, Martín; Lizano, Susana; Franco-Hernández, Ramiro; Rodríguez, Luis F.; Moran, James M. (IOP Publishing, 2008)
      We report high angular resolution observations at λ = 7 mm of the hypercompact (HC) H II regions G34.26 + 0.15 A and B. The images and the intensity profiles obtained give possible evidence of limb brightening, which may ...