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    • John Rawls, Political Liberalism 

      Thompson, Dennis F. (2018-06-08)
      John Rawls’ Political Liberalism is much more than just an effort to correct what Rawls saw as an error in his masterwork, A Theory of Justice. The political liberalism of Political Liberalism stands on its own. It is ...
    • John Rawls: Between Two Enlightenments 

      Frazer, Michael (SAGE Publications, 2007)
      John Rawls shares the Enlightenment’s commitment to finding moral and political principles which can be reflectively endorsed by all individuals autonomously. He usually presents reflective autonomy in Kantian, rationalist ...
    • Justice, Responsibility, and the Demands of Equality 

      Scanlon, Thomas (Oxford University Press, 2006)
      This essay considers the disagreement between Cohen and Rawls on the question of whether individuals should be held responsible for their tastes and preferences. It notes the difference in principle, since the primary goods ...