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    • Improved monitoring of surface ozone by joint assimilation of geostationary satellite observations of ozone and CO 

      Zoogman, Peter William; Jacob, Daniel James; Chance, Kelly V.; Worden, Helen M.; Edwards, David P.; Zhang, Lin (Elsevier BV, 2014)
      Future geostationary satellite observations of tropospheric ozone aim to improve monitoring of surface ozone air quality. However, ozone retrievals from space have limited sensitivity in the lower troposphere (boundary ...
    • Ozone air quality measurement requirements for a geostationary satellite mission 

      Zoogman, Peter; Jacob, Daniel James; Chance, Kelly; Zhang, Lin; Le Sager, Philippe; Fiore, Arlene M.; Eldering, Annmarie; Liu, Xiong; Natraj, Vijay; Kulawik, Susan S. (Elsevier, 2011)
      We conduct an Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) to test the ability of geostationary satellite measurements of ozone in different spectral regions to constrain surface ozone concentrations through data assimilation. ...