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    • Sedimentology, chemostratigraphy, and stromatolites of lower Paleoproterozoic carbonates, Turee Creek Group, Western Australia 

      Martindale, Rowan C.; Strauss, Justin Vincent; Sperling, Erik; Johnson, Jena E.; Van Kranendonk, Martin J.; Flannery, David; French, Katherine L.; Lepot, Kevin; Mazumder, Rajat; Rice, Melissa S.; Schrag, Daniel P.; Summons, Roger; Walter, Malcolm; Abelson, John; Knoll, Andrew Herbert (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      The ca. 2.45–2.22 Ga Turee Creek Group, Western Australia, contains carbonate- rich horizons that postdate earliest Proterozoic iron formations, bracket both Paleoproterozoic glaciogenic beds and the onset of the Great ...