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    • Biology of tiny animals: three new species of minute salamanders (Plethodontidae: Thorius) from Oaxaca, Mexico 

      Parra-Olea, Gabriela; Rovito, Sean M.; García-París, Mario; Maisano, Jessica A.; Wake, David B.; Hanken, James (PeerJ Inc., 2016)
      We describe three new species of minute salamanders, genus Thorius, from the Sierra Madre del Sur of Oaxaca, Mexico. Until now only a single species, T. minutissimus, has been reported from this region, although molecular ...
    • The Encyclopedia of Life v2: Providing Global Access to Knowledge About Life on Earth 

      Parr, Cynthia S.; Wilson, Nathan; Leary, Patrick; Schulz, Katja S.; Lans, Kristen; Walley, Lisa; Hammock, Jennifer A.; Goddard, Anthony; Rice, Jeremy; Studer, Marie; Holmes, Jeffrey T. G.; Corrigan, Jr., Robert J. (Pensoft Publishers, 2014)
      Abstract The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL, aims to provide unprecedented global access to a broad range of information about life on Earth. It currently contains 3.5 million distinct pages for taxa and provides ...