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    • Patterns of Water and Heat Flux Across a Biome Gradient From Tropical Forest to Savanna in Brazil 

      Wofsy, Steven; Maia, Jair F.; Aguiar, Renata G.; von Randow, Celso; Freitas, Helber C.; Kruijt, Bart; Nobre, Antonio D.; Cardoso, Fernando L.; Nogueira, José S.; Vourlitis, George; Artaxo, P.; Borma, Laura S.; Coupe, Natalia R.; Saleska, Scott R.; Goulden, Michael L.; Miller, Scott D.; Cabral, Osvaldo M.; Manzi, Antonio O.; da Rocha, Humberto R. (American Geophysical Union, 2009)
      We investigated the seasonal patterns of water vapor and sensible heat flux along a tropical biome gradient from forest to savanna. We analyzed data from a network of flux towers in Brazil that were operated within the ...