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    • The Redshift Evolution of the Mean Temperature, Pressure, and Entropy Profiles in 80 SPT-Selected Galaxy Clusters 

      McDonald, M.; Benson, B. A.; Vikhlinin, Alexey A.; Aird, K. A.; Allen, S. W.; Bautz, Marshall William; Bayliss, Matthew; Bleem, L. E.; Bocquet, S.; Brodwin, M.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Chang, C. L.; Cho, Hyunjii; Clocchiatti, A.; Crawford, T. M.; Crites, A. T.; de Haan, T.; Dobbs, M. A.; Foley, R. J.; Forman, William R.; George, E. M.; Gladders, M. D.; Gonzalez, A. H.; Halverson, N. W.; Hlavacek-Larrondo, J.; Holder, G. P.; Holzapfel, W. L.; Hrubes, J. D.; Jones, Christine M.; Keisler, R.; Knox, L.; Lee, A. T.; Leitch, E. M.; Liu, J.; Lueker, M.; Luong-Van, D.; Mantz, A.; Marrone, D. P.; McMahon, J; Meyer, S. S.; Miller, Eric; Mocanu, L.; Mohr, J. J.; Murray, S. S.; Padin, S.; Pryke, C.; Reichardt, C. L.; Rest, Armin Wolfgang; Ruhl, J. E.; Saliwanchik, B. R.; Saro, A.; Sayre, James Edward; Schaffer, K. K.; Shirokoff, E.; Spieler, H. G.; Stalder, Brian A; Stanford, S. A.; Staniszewski, Z.; Stark, Aaron William; Story, K. T.; Stubbs, Christopher William; Vanderlinde, K.; Vieira, J. D.; Williamson, R.; Zahn, O.; Zenteno, A. (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      We present the results of an X-ray analysis of 80 galaxy clusters selected in the 2500 deg2 South Pole Telescope survey and observed with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. We divide the full sample into subsamples of ∼20 ...