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    • Analysis of Human Faces Using a Measurement-Based Skin Reflectance Model 

      Weyrich, Tim; Matusik, Wojciech; Pfister, Hanspeter; Bickel, Bernd; Donner, Craig; Tu, Chien; McAndless, Jane; Lee, Jinho; Ngan, Addy; Jensen, Henrik Wann; Gross, Markus (Association for Computing Machinery, 2006)
      We have measured 3D face geometry, skin reflectance, and subsurface scattering using custom-built devices for 149 subjects of varying age, gender, and race. We developed a novel skin reflectance model whose parameters can ...
    • Multi-Scale Capture of Facial Geometry and Motion 

      Bickel, Bernd; Botsch, Mario; Angst, Roland; Matusik, Wojciech; Otaduy, Miguel; Pfister, Hanspeter; Gross, Markus (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007)
      We present a novel multi-scale representation and acquisition method for the animation of high-resolution facial geometry and wrinkles. We first acquire a static scan of the face including reflectance data at the highest ...
    • A Statistical Model for Synthesis of Detailed Facial Geometry 

      Golovinskiy, Aleksey; Matusik, Wojciech; Pfister, Hanspeter; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon; Funkhouser, Thomas (Association for Computing Machinery, 2006)
      Detailed surface geometry contributes greatly to the visual realism of 3D face models. However, acquiring high-resolution face geometry is often tedious and expensive. Consequently, most face models used in games, virtual ...