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    • Electrophysiological Evidence of Attentional Biases in Social Anxiety Disorder 

      Mueller, E. M.; Hofmann, S. G.; Santesso, D. L.; Meuret, A. E.; Bitran, Stella; Pizzagalli, Diego A (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
      Background: Previous studies investigating attentional biases in social anxiety disorder (SAD) have yielded mixed results. Recent event-related potential (ERP) studies using the dot-probe paradigm in non-anxious participants ...
    • The neural mechanisms for the recognition of face identity in humans 

      Anzellotti, Stefano; Caramazza, Alfonso (Frontiers Media S.A., 2014)
      Every day we encounter dozens of people, and in order to interact with them appropriately we need to recognize their identity. The face is a crucial source of information to recognize a person’s identity. However, recognizing ...
    • A parametric study of fear generalization to faces and non-face objects: relationship to discrimination thresholds 

      Holt, Daphne J.; Boeke, Emily A.; Wolthusen, Rick P. F.; Nasr, Shahin; Milad, Mohammed R.; Tootell, Roger B. H. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2014)
      Fear generalization is the production of fear responses to a stimulus that is similar—but not identical—to a threatening stimulus. Although prior studies have found that fear generalization magnitudes are qualitatively ...