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    • Constructive Memory: Past and Future 

      Schacter, Daniel L. (Les Laboratoires Servier, 2012)
      Human memory is not a literal reproduction of the past, but instead relies on constructive processes that are sometimes prone to error and distortion. Understanding of constructive memory has accelerated during recent years ...
    • Explaining "Memories" of Space Alien Abduction and Past Lives: An Experimental Psychopathology Approach 

      McNally, Richard J. (Textrum, 2012)
      In this article, I describe how my colleagues, students, and I have used the methods of experimental psychopathology to explain why seemingly sincere, nonpsychotic people claim to have memories of being abducted by space ...
    • Retrieval Failure Contributes to Gist-Based False Recognition 

      Guerin, Scott A.; Robbins, Clifford A.; Gilmore, Adrian; Schacter, Daniel L. (Elsevier, 2012)
      People often falsely recognize items that are similar to previously encountered items. This robust memory error is referred to as gist-based false recognition. A widely held view is that this error occurs because the ...