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    • Evolution of a Coupled Marine Ice Sheet–Sea Level Model 

      Gomez, Natalya Alissa; Pollard, David; Mitrovica, Jerry; Huybers, Peter John; Clark, Peter U. (American Geophysical Union, 2012)
      We investigate the stability of marine ice sheets by coupling a gravitationally self-consistent sea level model valid for a self-gravitating, viscoelastically deforming Earth to a 1-D marine ice sheet-shelf model. The ...
    • Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Ice Streams Due to a Triple-Valued Sliding Law 

      Sayag, Roiy; Tziperman, Eli (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
      We show that a triple-valued sliding law can be heuristically motivated by the transverse spatial structure of an ice-stream velocity field using a simple one-dimensional model. We then demonstrate that such a sliding law ...