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    • Diversity-Oriented Synthesis Yields a Novel Lead for the Treatment of Malaria 

      Mulrooney, Carol; Austin, Christopher P.; Beaudoin, Jennifer A.; Cheng, Ken Chih-Chien; Comer, Eamon; Dandapani, Sivaraman; Dick, Justin; Duvall, Jeremy R.; Ekland, Eric H.; Fidock, David A.; Guha, Rajarshi; Hinkson, Paul; Kramer, Martin; Masi, Daniela; Marcaurelle, Lisa A.; Su, Xin-Zhuan; Weïwer, Michel; Xia, Menghang; Yuan, Jing; Zhao, Jinghua; Palmer, Michelle; Munoz, Benito; Heidebrecht, Richard W; Barker, Robert Howard; Fitzgerald, Mark E.; Foley, Michael Raymond; Lukens, Amanda Kathleen; Thomas, Craig J.; Wiegand, Roger C.; Wirth, Dyann Fergus; Schreiber, Stuart L. (AmericanChemical Society, 2011)
      Here, we describe the discovery of a novel antimalarial agent using phenotypic screening of Plasmodium falciparum asexual blood-stage parasites. Screening a novel compound collection created using diversity-oriented synthesis ...
    • Highly Specific, Bi-substrate-Competitive Src Inhibitors from DNA-Templated Macrocycles 

      Georghiou, George; Kleiner, Ralph E.; Pulkoski-Gross, Michael; Liu, David Ruchien; Seeliger, Markus A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
      Protein kinases are attractive therapeutic targets, but their high sequence and structural conservation complicates the development of specific inhibitors. We recently discovered from a DNA-templated macrocycle library ...