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    • Dynamics of Long-lived Foundation Species: The History of Quercus in Southern Scandinavia 

      Lindbladh, Matts; Foster, David Russell (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
      (1) The long-term history of Quercus in southern Scandinavia has received little attention despite its important role in modern conservation. In this study the 4000-year dynamics of Quercus, its habitat and other important ...
    • Early Holocene Openlands in Southern New England 

      Faison, Edward Kerr; Foster, David Russell; Oswald, William Wyatt; Doughty, Elaine D.; Hansen, B (Ecological Society of America, 2006)
      The pre-historical vegetation structure in temperate forest regions is much debated among European and North American ecologists and conservationists. Frans Vera’s recent hypothesis that large mammals created mosaics of ...
    • Forest Response to Chronic Hurricane Disturbance in Coastal New England 

      Busby, Posy E.; Canham, Charles D.; Motzkin, Glen; Foster, David Russell (Opulus Press, 2009)
      Question: Hurricanes and cyclones cause a wide range of damage to coastal forests worldwide. Most of these storms are not catastrophic in ecological terms, but forest responses to storms of moderate intensities are poorly ...