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    • Deoxyfluorination of Phenols 

      Tang, Pingping; Wang, Weike; Ritter, Tobias (American Chemical Society, 2011)
      An operationally simple ipso fluorination of phenols with a new deoxyfluorination reagent is presented.
    • Divide and Conquer: High Resolution Structural Information on TRP Channel Fragments 

      Gaudet, Rachelle (Rockefeller University Press, 2009)
      Understanding how proteins facilitate signaling and substrate transport across biological membranes is an important frontier of structural biology. Membrane proteins are the doors and windows of cells: many membrane proteins ...
    • Interactions of Lipids with Aquaporin-0 and Other Membrane Proteins 

      Hite, Richard; Tamir, Gonen; Harrison, Stephen; Walz, Thomas (Springer Verlag, 1995)
      The structure of aquaporin-0 (AQP0) has recently been determined by electron crystallography of two-dimensional (2D) crystals and by x-ray crystallography of three-dimensional (3D) crystals. The electron crystallographic ...
    • TRP Channels Entering the Structural Era 

      Gaudet, Rachelle (Wiley Blackwell (Blackwell Publishing -The Physiological Society), 2008)
      Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels are important in many neuronal and non-neuronal physiological processes. The past 2 years have seen much progress in the use of structural biology techniques to elucidate molecular ...