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    • Antifungal Chemical Compounds Identified Using a C. elegans Pathogenicity Assay 

      Breger, Julia; Fuchs, Beth Burgwyn; Aperis, George; Moy, Terence I; Ausubel, Frederick M.; Mylonakis, Eleftherios; Cormack, Brendan P (Public Library of Science, 2007)
      There is an urgent need for the development of new antifungal agents. A facile in vivo model that evaluates libraries of chemical compounds could solve some of the main obstacles in current antifungal discovery. We show ...
    • High-Resolution Mutation Mapping Reveals Parallel Experimental Evolution in Yeast 

      Segrè, Ayellet V; Murray, Andrew W.; Leu, Jun-Yi (Public Library of Science, 2006)
      Understanding the genetic basis of evolutionary adaptation is limited by our ability to efficiently identify the genomic locations of adaptive mutations. Here we describe a method that can quickly and precisely map the ...
    • Invasive Plant Suppresses the Growth of Native Tree Seedlings by Disrupting Belowground Mutualisms 

      Stinson, Kristina A.; Campbell, Stuart A; Powell, Jeff R; Wolfe, Benjamin E.; Callaway, Ragan M; Thelen, Giles C; Hallett, Steven G; Prati, Daniel; Klironomos, John N (Public Library of Science, 2006)
      The impact of exotic species on native organisms is widely acknowledged, but poorly understood. Very few studies have empirically investigated how invading plants may alter delicate ecological interactions among resident ...