Measurement of the Neutrino Mass Splitting and Flavor Mixing by MINOS

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Measurement of the Neutrino Mass Splitting and Flavor Mixing by MINOS

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Title: Measurement of the Neutrino Mass Splitting and Flavor Mixing by MINOS
Author: Adamson, P.; Andreopoulos, C.; Armstrong, R.; Auty, D. J.; Ayres, D. S.; Backhouse, C.; Barr, G.; Bishai, M.; Blake, A.; Bock, G. J.; Boehnlein, D. J.; Bogert, D.; Cavanaugh, S.; Cherdack, D.; Childress, S.; Choudhary, B. C.; Coelho, J. A. B.; Coleman, S. J.; Corwin, L.; Cronin-Hennessy, D.; Danko, I. Z.; de Jong, J. K.; Devenish, N. E.; Diwan, M. V.; Dorman, M.; Escobar, C. O.; Evans, J. J.; Falk, E.; Feldman, Gary J.; Frohne, M. V.; Gallagher, H. R.; Gomes, R. A.; Goodman, M. C.; Gouffon, P.; Graf, N.; Gran, R.; Grant, N.; Grzelak, K.; Habig, A.; Harris, D.; Hartnell, J.; Hatcher, R.; Himmel, A.; Holin, A.; Huang, X.; Hylen, J.; Ilic, J.; Irwin, G. M.; Isvan, Z.; Jaffe, D. E.; James, C.; Jensen, D.; Kafka, T.; Kasahara, S. M. S.; Koizumi, G.; Kopp, S.; Kordosky, M.; Kreymer, A.; Lang, K.; Lefeuvre, G.; Ling, J.; Litchfield, P. J.; Litchfield, R. P.; Loiacono, L.; Lucas, P.; Mann, W. A.; Marshak, M. L.; Mayer, N.; McGowan, A. M.; Mehdiyev, R.; Meier, J. R.; Messier, M. D.; Michael, D. G.; Miller, W. H.; Mishra, S. R.; Mitchell, J.; Moore, C. D.; Morfín, J.; Mualem, L.; Mufson, S.; Musser, J.; Naples, D.; Nelson, J. K.; Newman, H. B.; Nichol, R. J.; Nowak, J. A.; Oliver, W. P.; Orchanian, M.; Ospanov, R.; Paley, J.; Patterson, R. B.; Pawloski, G.; Pearce, G. F.; Petyt, D. A.; Phan-Budd, S.; Plunkett, R. K.; Qiu, X.; Ratchford, J.; Raufer, T. M.; Rebel, B.; Rodrigues, P. A.; Rosenfeld, C.; Rubin, H. A.; Sanchez, M. C.; Schneps, J.; Schreiner, P.; Shanahan, P.; Smith, C.; Sousa, A.; Stamoulis, P.; Strait, M.; Tagg, N.; Talaga, R. L.; Thomas, J.; Thomson, M. A.; Tinti, G.; Toner, R.; Tzanakos, G.; Urheim, J.; Vahle, P.; Viren, B.; Weber, A.; Webb, R. C.; White, C.; Whitehead, L.; Wojcicki, S. G.; Yang, T.; Zwaska, R.

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Citation: Adamson, P., C. Andreopoulos, R. Armstrong, D. J. Auty, D. S. Ayres, C. Backhouse, G. Barr, et al. 2011. “Measurement of the Neutrino Mass Splitting and Flavor Mixing by MINOS.” Physical Review Letters 106 (18) (May). doi:10.1103/physrevlett.106.181801.
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Abstract: Measurements of neutrino oscillations using the disappearance of muon neutrinos from the Fermilab NuMI neutrino beam as observed by the two MINOS detectors are reported. New analysis methods have been applied to an enlarged data sample from an exposure of 7.25×10207.25×1020 protons on target. A fit to neutrino oscillations yields values of |Δm2|=(2.32+0.12−0.08)×10−3|Δm2|=(2.32−0.08+0.12)×10−3\,eV22 for the atmospheric mass splitting and sin2(2θ)>0.90sin2(2θ)>0.90 (90%\,C.L.) for the mixing angle. Pure neutrino decay and quantum decoherence hypotheses are excluded at 7 and 9 standard deviations, respectively.
Published Version: doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.181801
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