Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy and Strange Metals

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Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy and Strange Metals

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Title: Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy and Strange Metals
Author: Sachdev, Subir
Citation: Sachdev, Subir. "Bekenstein-Hawking entropy and strange metals." Physical Review X 5, no. 4 (2015): 041025.
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Abstract: We examine models of fermions with infinite-range interactions that realize non-Fermi liquids with a continuously variable U(1) charge density 𝒬 and a nonzero entropy density 𝒮 at vanishing temperature. Real-time correlators of operators carrying U(1) charge q at a low temperature T are characterized by a 𝒬-dependent frequency ω𝒮=(qT/ℏ)(∂𝒮/∂𝒬), which determines a spectral asymmetry. We show that the correlators match precisely with those of the two-dimensional anti–de Sitter (AdS2) horizons of extremal charged black holes. On the black hole side, the matching employs 𝒮 as the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy density and the laws of black hole thermodynamics that relate (∂𝒮/∂𝒬)/(2π) to the electric field strength in AdS2. The fermion model entropy is computed using the microscopic degrees of freedom of a UV complete theory without supersymmetry.
Published Version: doi:10.1103/PhysRevX.5.041025
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