Paleophysiology and End-Permian Mass Extinction

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Paleophysiology and End-Permian Mass Extinction

Show simple item record Knoll, Andrew Fischer, Woodward W. Pruss, Sara Payne, Jonathan L. Bambach, Richard K. 2009-07-20T15:24:15Z 2007
dc.identifier.citation Knoll, Andrew H., Richard K. Barnbach, Jonathan L. Payne, Sara Pruss, and Woodward W. Fischer. 2007. Paleophysiology and end-Permian mass extinction. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256, no. 3-4: 295-313. en
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dc.description.abstract Physiological research aimed at understanding current global change provides a basis for evaluating selective survivoyship associated with Permo-Triassic mass extinction. Comparative physiology links paleontological and palcoenvironmental observations, supporting the hypothesis that an end-Permian trigger, most likely Siberian Trap volcanism, touched off a set of physically-l inked perturbations that acted synergistically to disrupt the metabolisms of latest Permian organisms. Global wan-ning, anoxia, and toxic sulfide probably all contributed to end-Permian mass mortality, but hypercapnia (physiological effects of elevated P-CO2) best accounts for the selective survival of marine invertebrates. Paleophysiological perspectives further suggest that persistent or recurring hypercapnia/global warmth also played a principal role in delayed Triassic recovery. More generally, physiology provides an important way of paleobiological knowing in the age of Earth system science. en
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dc.title Paleophysiology and End-Permian Mass Extinction en
dc.relation.journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters en Knoll, Andrew
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