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    • Form Transition: Decarbonization Beyond Settler Modernity 

      Matchett, Jennifer (2021-06-30)
      Recent discourse about climate change and the spotlight it has put on global energy systems have raised calls for new relationships to energy under a variety of open-ended terms: decarbonization, energy transition, green ...

      Yang, Shaina (2021-05-27)
      A study in critical heterogeneity. Cripping Architecture argues that what we think of as “universal design” - a least-common-denominator model - does not and cannot produce fully equitable architecture on its own. ...
    • Putting a Mall to Sleep: Domestic Collectives Beyond (Sub)Divisions 

      Meng, Jiangpu (2021-05-27)
      At a moment when shopping, consumption, and networked connectivity are increasingly taking over our domestic spaces, when sleep becomes the last standing ground in our life that is neither reducible nor assimilable by the ...