Recent Submissions

  • Capital Market-Driven Corporate Finance 

    Baker, Malcolm (Annual Reviews, 2009-12-05)
    Much of empirical corporate finance focuses on sources of the demand for various forms of capital, not the supply. Recently this, has changed. Supply effects of equity and credit markets can arise from a combination of ...
  • How to Become a Sustainable Company 

    Eccles, Robert; Perkins, Kathleen; Serafeim, George (2012)
  • Toward Environmentally Sustainable Digital Preservation 

    Pendergrass, Keith; Sampson, Walker; Walsh, Tim; Alagna, Laura (Society of American Archivists, 2019-06)
    Digital preservation relies on technological infrastructure (information and communication technology, ICT) that has considerable negative environmental impacts, which in turn threaten the very organizations tasked with ...

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