Recent Submissions

  • Economics Education and Greed 

    Wang, Long; Malhotra, Deepak; Murnighan, J. Keith (Academy of Management, 2011-12)
    The recent financial crisis, and repeated corporate scandals, raise serious questions about whether a business school education contributes to what some have described as a culture of greed. The dominance of economic-related ...
  • From Counting Risk to Making Risk Count: Boundary-Work in Risk Management 

    Mikes, Anette (Elsevier BV, 2011-05)
    For two decades, risk management has been gaining ground in banking. In light of the recent financial crisis, several commentators concluded that the continuing expansion of risk measurement is dysfunctional (Power, 2009; ...
  • Concealable Stigma and Occupational Segregation 

    Tilcsik, András; Anteby, Michel; Knight, Carly (SAGE Publications, 2015-03-10)

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