Recent Submissions

  • Do analysts add value when they most can? Evidence from corporate spin-offs 

    Feldman, Emilie R.; Gilson, Stuart; Villalonga, Belén (Wiley, 2013-07-19)
    This paper investigates how securities analysts help investors understand the value of diversification. By studying the research that analysts produce about companies that have announced corporate spinoffs, we gain unique ...
  • Games of Threats 

    Kohlberg, Elon; Neyman, Abraham (Elsevier BV, 2018-03)
    A game of threats on a finite set of players, N, is a function d that assigns a real number to any coalition, S ⊆ N, such that d(S) = -d(N\S). A game of threats is not necessarily a coalitional game as it may fail to satisfy ...
  • Narrow Networks On The Health Insurance Marketplaces: Prevalence, Pricing, And The Cost Of Network Breadth 

    Dafny, Leemore; Hendel, Igal; Marone, Victoria; Ody, Christopher (Health Affairs (Project Hope), 2017-09)
    Anecdotal reports and systematic research highlight the prevalence of narrow-network plans on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance Marketplaces. At the same time, Marketplace premiums in the period 2014–2016 were ...

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