Recent Submissions

  • Price Pressure in the Government Bond Market 

    Greenwood, Robin; Vayanos, Dimitri (American Economic Association, 2010-05)
  • Constraints and triggers: Situational mechanics of gender in negotiation. 

    Bowles, Hannah Riley; Babcock, Linda C.; McGinn, Kathleen (American Psychological Association (APA), 2005)
    The authors propose two categories of situational moderators of gender in negotiation: situational ambiguity and gender triggers. Reducing the degree of situational ambiguity constrains the influence of gender on negotiation. ...
  • Social Risk, Fiscal Risk, and the Portfolio of Government Programs 

    Hanson, Samuel; Scharfstein, David; Sunderam, Adi (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018-08-08)
    We develop a model of government portfolio choice in which a benevolent government chooses the scale of risky projects in the presence of market failures and tax distortions. These two frictions generate motives to manage ...

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