Recent Submissions

  • Economic Integration and Democracy: An Empirical Investigation 

    Magistretti, Giacomo; Tabellini, Marco Emanuele (2018-08-01)
    We study whether economic integration fosters the process of democratization and the channels through which this might happen. Our analysis is based on a large panel dataset of countries between 1950 and 2014. We instrument ...
  • Happily Ever After: Immigration, Natives’ Marriage, and Fertility 

    Carlana, Michela; Tabellini, Marco Emanuele (2018-08-01)
    In this paper, we study the effects of immigration on natives’ marriage, fertility, and family formation across US cities between 1910 and 1930. Instrumenting immigrants’ location decision by interacting pre-existing ethnic ...
  • Gifts of the Immigrants, Woes of the Natives: Lessons from the Age of Mass Migration 

    Tabellini, Marco Emanuele (2018-08-01)
    In this paper, I show that political opposition to immigration can arise even when immigrants bring significant economic prosperity to receiving areas. I exploit exogenous variation in European immigration to US cities ...

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