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    • The Cooperative Solution of Stochastic Games 

      Kohlberg, Elon; Neyman, Abraham (2015-04-06)
      Building on the work of Nash, Harsanyi, and Shapley, we define a cooperative solution for strategic games that takes account of both the competitive and the cooperative aspects of such games. We prove existence in the ...
    • Cooperative Strategic Games 

      Kohlberg, Elon; Neyman, Abraham (2017-03-21)
      We examine a solution concept, called the “value," for n-person strategic games. In applications, the value provides an a-priori assessment of the monetary worth of a player's position in a strategic game, comprising not ...
    • Games of Threats 

      Kohlberg, Elon; Neyman, Abraham (Elsevier BV, 2018-03)
      A game of threats on a finite set of players, N, is a function d that assigns a real number to any coalition, S ⊆ N, such that d(S) = -d(N\S). A game of threats is not necessarily a coalitional game as it may fail to satisfy ...