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    • Seeking the Roots of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Behavioral Economics 

      Åstebro, Thomas; Herz, Holger; Nanda, Ramana; Weber, Roberto A. (American Economic Association, 2014-08)
      There is a growing body of evidence that many entrepreneurs seem to enter and persist in entrepreneurship despite earning low risk-adjusted returns. This has lead to attempts to provide explanations—using both standard ...
    • Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts 

      Mollick, Ethan; Nanda, Ramana (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2016-06)
      In fields as diverse as technology entrepreneurship and the arts, crowds of interested stakeholders are increasingly responsible for deciding which innovations to fund, a privilege that was previously reserved for a few ...