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    • The Gifts We Keep on Giving: Documenting and Destigmatizing the Regifting Taboo 

      Adams, Gabrielle S.; Flynn, Francis J.; Norton, Michael Irwin (Sage, 2012)
      Five studies investigate whether the practice of "regifting"-a social taboo-is as offensive to givers as regifters assume. Participants who imagined regifting thought that the original givers would be more offended than ...
    • Here's a Tip: Prosocial Gratuities Are Linked to Corruption 

      Torfason, Magnus Thor; Flynn, Francis J.; Kupor, Daniella (2012-08-31)
      We investigated the link between tipping, an altruistic act, and bribery, an immoral act. We found a positive relationship between these two seemingly unrelated behaviors, using archival cross-national data for 32 countries, ...