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    • Are CEOs Born Leaders? Lessons from Traits of a Million Individuals 

      Adams, Renée; Keloharju, Matti; Knüpfer, Samuli (2015-11-04)
      What makes a CEO? We merge data on the traits of more than one million Swedish males, measured at age 18 in a mandatory military enlistment test, with data on their service as a CEO of any Swedish company decades later. ...
    • Equal Opportunity? Gender Gaps in CEO Appointments and Executive Pay 

      Keloharju, Matti; Knüpfer, Samuli; Tåg, Joacim (2016-02-23)
      This paper uses exceptionally rich data on Swedish corporate executives and their personal characteristics to study gender gaps in CEO appointments and pay. Both gaps are sizeable: 18% for CEO appointments and 27% for pay. ...
    • Initial Offer Precision and M&A Outcomes 

      Hukkanen, Petri; Keloharju, Matti (2015-11-03)
      Building on recent research in social psychology, this paper analyzes the link between the precision of initial cash offers and M&A outcomes. About one-half of the offers are made at the precision of one or five dollars ...