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    • Crowdsourcing City Government: Using Tournaments to Improve Inspection Accuracy 

      Glaeser, Edward Ludwig; Hillis, Andrew Blair; Kominers, Scott Duke; Luca, Michael (American Economic Association, 2016)
      The proliferation of big data makes it possible to better target city services like hygiene inspections, but city governments rarely have the in-house talent needed for developing prediction algorithms. Cities could hire ...
    • Productivity and Selection of Human Capital with Machine Learning 

      Chalfin, Aaron; Danieli, Oren; Hillis, Andrew Blair; Jelveh, Zubin; Luca, Michael; Ludwig, Jens; Mullainathan, Sendhil (2016)
      Economists have become increasingly interested in studying the nature of production functions in social policy applications, with the goal of improving productivity. Traditionally models have assumed workers are homogenous ...
    • Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: Foreign Ownership and Establishment Performance 

      Alfaro, Laura; Chen, Maggie (American Economic Association, 2012)
      We examine the differential response of establishments to the recent global financial crisis with particular emphasis on the role of foreign ownership. Using a worldwide establishment panel dataset, we investigate how ...