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    • A Year of Being With 

      Luo, Maisie
      Luo's paintings, poetry, and videos envision the possibility of forming compassionate and intimate interspecies relationships in our current climate. Reflecting on the idea of "being with" animals, Luo captures the beauty ...
    • Abolition as Spiritual Discipline 

      Creeks, Azani Amarachi
      This paper explores abolition as a spiritual discipline, considering the possibilities of turning a political commitment into a ritual, daily practice that becomes an ethic. Incarcerated people have always documented their ...
    • Body, the Lived Experience: Chinese Female Laity and Their Meditation Practices 

      Yi, Qi
      Focusing on the expression––regaining the ownership of the body––this thesis attempts to explore the gendered dimension of the Chinese lay meditation movement from two aspects. In one aspect, I examine how the ownership ...