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    • Funding Economic Development: A Comparative Study of Financial Sector Reform in Vietnam and China 

      Rosengard, Jay K.; Thế Du, Huỳnh (United Nations Development Programme and Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, 2009)
      Although there is considerable debate among economists as to the impact of financial sector development on economic growth, empirical evidence indicates a strong, direct link between the two. A recent comprehensive review ...
    • The Unintended Consequences of Successful Resource Mobilization: Financing Development in Vietnam 

      Rosengard, Jay K.; Giang, Trần Thị Quế; Ngân, Đinh Vũ Trang; Thế Du, Huỳnh; Chauvin, Juan Pablo (United Nations Development Programme and the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, 2011)
      The total amount of development finance generated by Vietnam has been exceptionally high from all significant sources using all standard measures of comparison. However, there are many potential unintended consequences of ...