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    • "Lies in Ink, Truth in Blood": The Role and Impact of the Chinese Media During the Beijing Spring of ‘89 

      Jakobson, Linda (Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, 1990-08)
      On May l8th, 1989,Chinese television viewers witnessed a scene that no one could have imagined seeing on state-run television one month earlier. The news broadcast showed the General Secretary of the Communist Party, Zhao ...
    • $100 Bills on the Sidewalk: Violations of No-Arbitrage in 401(k) Accounts 

      Choi, James J.; Laibson, David I.; Madrian, Brigitte (MIT Press, 2011)
      We identify employees at seven companies whose 401(k) investment choices are dominated because they are contributing less than the employer matching contribution threshold despite being vested in their match and being able ...
    • 2019 State of Digital Transformation 

      Eaves, David; Clement, Georges
      In June of 2019, the Harvard Kennedy School hosted digital service teams from around the world for our annual State of Digital Transformation convening. Over two days, practitioners and academics shared stories of success, ...
    • The 2021 Digital Services Convening 

      Eaves, David; Kailasa, Sechi (Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, 2022-03)
      This year’s convening marked the fourth Digital Services Convening jointly organized by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and Public Digital, a disruptive digital trans- formation consultancy. ...
    • Abuse of Dominance by High-Technology Enterprises: A Comparison of U.S. and E.C. Approaches 

      Scherer, Frederic Michael (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2010)
      This paper compares how the United States and the European Community dealt with competition policy challenges by two firms operating at the frontiers of technology: Microsoft and Intel. The U.S. Microsoft case was broadly ...
    • Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, City University of New York: Innovations in American Government Award Case Study 

      Jordan, Philip (Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, 2022-01)
      Social and economic mobility are at historic lows in America, while entrenched racial inequality cotinues to erect barriers. Research suggests that education is critically important to enable economic mobility, particularly ...
    • Access Pricing, Competition, and Incentives to Migrate From "Old" to "New" Technology 

      Bourreau, Marc; Cambini, Carlo; Dogan, Pinar (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2011)
      In this paper, we analyze the incentives of an incumbent and an entrant to migrate from an "old" technology to a "new" technology, and discuss how the terms of wholesale access affect this migration. We show that a higher ...
    • Access to 4-Year Public Colleges and Degree Completion 

      Goodman, Joshua Samuel; Hurwitz, Michael; Smith, Jonathan (University of Chicago Press, 2017)
      Does access to 4-year colleges affect degree completion for students who would otherwise attend 2-year colleges? Admission to Georgia’s 4-year public sector requires minimum SAT scores. Regression discontinuity estimates ...
    • Achieving Export-Led Growth in Colombia 

      Hausmann, Ricardo; Klinger, Bailey (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2008-09)
      The purpose of this paper is to analyze Colombia’s experiences with and opportunities for export led growth. We first review Colombia’s growth and export performance over the past 30 years and find that the country is ...
    • Adaptive management, heal thyself 

      Clark, William (2002)
    • Addressing Catastrophic Risks: Disparate Anatomies Require Tailored Therapies 

      Viscusi, Kip W.; Zeckhauser, Richard Jay (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2011)
      Catastrophic risks differ in terms of their natural or human origins, their possible amplification by human behaviors, and the relationships between those who create the risks and those who suffer the losses. Given their ...
    • Adjustment Costs, Firm Responses, and Micro vs. Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: Evidence from Danish Tax Records 

      Chetty, Raj; Friedman, John Norton; Olsen, Tore; Pistaferri, Luigi (MIT Press, 2011)
      We show that the effects of taxes on labor supply are shaped by interactions between adjustment costs for workers and hours constraints set by firms. We develop a model in which firms post job offers characterized by an ...
    • Administratively Quirky, Constitutionally Murky: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative 

      Goldenziel, Jill Iris (New York University, 2005)
      In this article, Ms. Goldenziel explores the administrative and constitutional peculiarities of the Bush Administration's Faith-Based Initiative. She argues that the Supreme Court's establishment clause jurisprudence offers ...
    • Advance Market Commitments for Vaccines Against Neglected Diseases: Estimating Costs and Effectiveness 

      Berndt, Ernst R.; Glennerster, Rachel; Kremer, Michael; Jean, Lee; Levine, Ruth; Weizsäcker, Georg; Williams, Heidi (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2006-07)
      The G8 is considering committing to purchase vaccines against diseases concentrated in low-income countries (if and when desirable vaccines are developed) as a way to spur research and development on vaccines for these ...
    • Advanced Energy Supply Technologies 

      Williams, Robert; Bunn, Matthew G. (United Nations Development Programme, 2001)
    • Advancing Nuclear Security:Evaluating Progress and Setting New Goals 

      Bunn, Matthew G.; Malin, Martin Benjamin; Roth, Nickolas James; Tobey, William H (Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, 2014)
      The threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism has not disappeared, though the world has made important progress in reducing these risks. Urgent new steps are needed to build effective and lasting nuclear security ...
    • African Land Ecology: Opportunities and Constraints for Agricultural Development 

      Voortman, R.L.; Sonneveld, B.G.J.S.; Keyzer, M.A. (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2000-01)
      Current agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa is undeveloped and the Green Revolution has left the continent largely untouched. Poor performance is often related to a number of socio-economic factors. In this paper we argue ...
    • Africa’s Growth Trap: A Political-Economy Model of Taxation, R&D and Investment 

      McMillan, Margaret S.; Masters, William A. (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2000-06)
      Why do so many African governments consistently impose high tax rates and make little investment in productive public goods, when alternative policies could yield greater tax revenues and higher national income? We posit ...
    • Against the Tide: Projects and Pathways of the New Generation of Union Leaders, 1984-2001 

      Ganz, Marshall Louis; Voss, Kim; Sharpe, Teresa; Somers, Carl; Strauss, George (IRL, 2001)
    • Agents of Structural Change 

      Neffke, Frank; Hartog, Matté; Boschma, Ron; Henning, Martin (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2014-12)
      Who introduces structural change in regional economies: Entrepreneurs or existing firms? And do local or non‐local founders of establishments create most novelty in a region? Using matched employer-employee data for the ...