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    • Methodological Problems in the Modeling and Analysis of Ecological Systems 

      Clark, William; Walters, C.J. (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1975-08)
      I would like to give you an overview of basic ecological modeling and analysis problems by discussing three things. First, I will try to explain the general attitude of systems-oriented ecologists towards their subject ...
    • Project Status Report: Ecology and Environment Project 

      Holling, C.S.; Bell, D.E.; Dantzig, G.B.; Fiering, M.B.; Jones, D.D.; Rashid, Z.; Velimirovic, H.; Walters, C.J.; Winkler, C.; Clark, William (1974-06-21)
      We present here the extended outline and copies of the illustrations used in the Status Report of the IIASA Ecology and Environment Project, presented at Schloss Laxenburg on 21 June 1974. Section 1., "General Review", is ...