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    • Assessing vulnerability to global environmental risks 

      Clark, William; Jager, Jill; Corell, Robert; Kasperson, Roger; Mccarthy, James; Cash, David; Cohen, Stewart J.; Desanker, Paul; Dickson, Nancy; Epstein, Paul; Guston, David; Hall, J. Michael; Jaeger, Carlo; Janetos, Anthony; Leary, Neil; Levy, Marc; Luers, Amy; MacCracken, Michael; Melillo, Jerry; Moss, Richard; Nigg, Joanne M.; Parry, Martin L.; Parson, Edward; Ribot, Jesse C.; Schellnhuber, Hans-Joachim; Schrag, Daniel; Seielstad, George A.; Shea, Eileen; Vogel, Coleen; Wilbanks, Thomas (Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs, 2000-09)
      The last several years have witnessed a significant evolution in what society wants to know about global environmental risks such as climate change, ozone depletion, and biodiversity loss. Until recently, most scientific ...