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    • A multi-model assessment of regional climate disparities caused by solar geoengineering 

      Kravitz, Ben; MacMartin, Douglas G; Robock, Alan; Rasch, Philip J; Ricke, Katharine L; Cole, Jason N S; Curry, Charles L; Irvine, Peter J; Ji, Duoying; Keith, David; Egill Kristjánsson, Jón; Moore, John C; Muri, Helene; Singh, Balwinder; Tilmes, Simone; Watanabe, Shingo; Yang, Shuting; Yoon, Jin-Ho (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      Global-scale solar geoengineering is the deliberate modification of the climate system to offset some amount of anthropogenic climate change by reducing the amount of incident solar radiation at the surface. These changes ...