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    • Following through on Good Intentions: The Power of Planning Prompts 

      Milkman, Katherine L; Beshears, John Leonard; Choi, James; Laibson, David I.; Madrian, Brigitte (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2012)
      We study whether prompts to form and recall a plan can increase individuals’ responsiveness to reminders to make and attend beneficial appointments. At four companies, all employees due for a colonoscopy were randomly ...
    • Health Insurance Exchanges — Making the Markets Work 

      Frank, Richard Gabriel; Zeckhauser, Richard Jay (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2009)
      Americans purchase health insurance in various ways. Some buy individual policies. For them, medical underwriting is common, and preexisting conditions can preclude, limit, or dramatically increase the cost of coverage. ...
    • Uncomfortable Arithmetic — Whom to Cover versus What to Cover 

      Baicker, Katherine; Chandra, Amitabh (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2009)
      Much of the current debate about expanding health insurance coverage avoids addressing an uncomfortable trade-off: with a limited budget, making benefits more generous means being able to cover fewer people. Moreover, ...