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    • Ozone Air Quality During the 2008 Beijing Olympics: Effectiveness of Emission Restrictions 

      Wang, Yuxuan; Hao, Jiming; McElroy, Michael Brendon; Munger, J. William; Ma, Hong; Chen, Dan; Nielsen, Chris (Copernicus Publications, 2009)
      A series of aggressive measures was launched by the Chinese government to reduce pollutant emissions from Beijing and surrounding areas during the Olympic Games. Observations at Miyun, a rural site 100 km downwind of the ...
    • Regional CO Pollution in China Simulated by the High-Resolution Nested-Grid GEOS-Chem Model 

      Chen, Dan; Yuxuan, Wang; McElroy, Michael Brendon; He, Kebin; Yantosca, Robert M.; Le Sager, Philippe (Copernicus Publications, 2009)
      An updated version of the nested-grid GEOS-Chem model is developed allowing for higher horizontal (0.5°×0.667°) and vertical resolution as compared to global models. CO transport over a heavily polluted region, the ...